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Goldfish teabags from Taipei's CHARM VILLA are the perfect stocking stuffers

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Add some delicate pizzazz to your Christmas list or personal tea stash with goldfish-shaped tea sachets from CHARM VILLA (子村莊園).

CHARM VILLA has been operating since While they already have a loyal, local following in Taiwan, on the Internet, and among certain groups of (Japanese) tourists, the quality of their products is worth emphasizing.

Goldfish teabags from Taipei's CHARM VILLA are the perfect stocking stuffers
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So far CHARM VILLA has patents on their sachet design in 32 countries and has won several design competitions, including the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award.

Goldfish teabags from Taipei's CHARM VILLA are the perfect stocking stuffers
(CHARM VILLA Facebook page)

The goldfish is filled with whole leaf tea in one of four organic flavors: Rose Oolong, Ruby Black, Jin Xuan, or Oriental beauty. Each sachet is handcrafted.

Goldfish teabags from Taipei's CHARM VILLA are the perfect stocking stuffers
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A box of 12 sachets is NT$ 1, (US$ 46) and will remain fresh for years.

Goldfish teabags from Taipei's CHARM VILLA are the perfect stocking stuffers
(@Honeycombers Instagram)

CHARM VILLA began as a woodworking design studio. Aside from specialty tea, shoppers will also find handmade chopsticks, coasters, and other seasonal items in their store.


No. , Section 2, Fengnian Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan (台北市北投區豐年路2段號)

Monday – Saturday, a.m. – 7 p.m.


Goldfish teabags from Taipei's CHARM VILLA are the perfect stocking stuffers
(CHARM VILLA Facebook page)


These Swimming Fish Teabags Will Make Your Oolong More Fun

Tea is a complex drink to be sure, but here in the United States it can sometimes feel like coffee&#x;s boring cousin. Maybe that&#x;s why Taiwanese brand Charmvilla has made waves &#x; or more like tiny ripples &#x; after introducing its line of goldfish tea to the U.S. It&#x;s not tea made from actual goldfish; instead these unique teabags have been designed to look similar to live swimming goldfish when submerged in water.

Studnents from St. Johns University in Taipei designed the award winning teabags which, When submerged in hot water, not only do brew a cup of tea, but they also swell up to fish size and shape. The thread is even attached to the fish&#x;s mouth so when you pull it, the bag appears to be swimming.

Despite their intricacy, the design process might be even more complex than you think. There are 16 steps that go into making the teabag. Nine of those require manual, handicraft skill, a rep from Charmvilla, the creative agency behind the bags told Eater. "As for the details of the production, those are trade secrets."

Though these teabags have been around for two years, excitement recently ramped up again after the product started popping up on Amazon for the first time in the US. Bad news, though: Not only are these bags pricey &#x; a box of 12 will set you back between $70 to $ &#x; but even if you wanted to buy them, they have been selling out from many online stores.

Maybe you&#x;ll just have to ask Santa to get some for you. Though I&#x;m not sure what kind of pull he has in Taiwan.

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Tea by itself is an elegant and relaxing beverage enjoyed by individuals all around the globe. However, the Taiwanese company Charm Villa has taken the enjoyment of tea up a notch with their innovative creation of the goldfish tea bag. Just like the name implies, these tea bags are gorgeously shaped like goldfish whose little bodies are full of an herbal blend.

When the goldfish tea bag is first taken out of the box, it is cute enough, but lacks any real definition or color other than being a paper goldfish. However, as soon as you submerge the little fish in a mug of hot water, you can watch as the goldfish “blooms” as the herbal mix within its body unfurls and releases its cavalcade of beautiful colors and flavors. These goldfish come in four flavors, which include three different types of oolong tea and one black tea variation.

Swimming Tea Bags

In Taiwan, goldfish tea bags generally sell for around $35 for 12 bags. In the United States, these adorable and unique goldfish tea bags sell for upwards of $20 per bag. On Amazon, a box of goldfish tea bags goes for as high as $80, though it is possible to find cheaper options on sites like eBay.Charm Villa offers these charming tea bags online only for those outside of Taiwan, though because of their popularity, they are rarely in stock for long.

This high price does not stop people in the US from demanding the distinctive drink option. Further, this is perhaps the first time a tea bag itself has been designed, rather than the metal loose leaf diffusers that have seen a variety of design innovation in recent years. No matter what your tea preference, there really is something mesmerizing about watching one of these little swimmers come to colorful life in your mug.

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We can't get enough of animal-themed food gear. Whether it be cat-shaped fried egg molds, or fortune cookies filled with candy kittens, gastro-pet goodies are all the rage. In fact, the market is so over saturated, there's something for literally everyone. Take this goldfish-shaped tea bag for example—it's perfect for the tea-loving marine biologist in any family.

Charm Villa

Created by the Taipei-based company Charm Villa, these loose-leaf tea bags are seriously onto something: Now you can have a pet goldfish without any of the mess that comes with an actual fish. Replace those stinky tanks with fragrant mugs of tea, and never worry about flushing your floppy friends down the toilet again. 

Charm Villa

The bags—which were perfected several years ago by students at St. Johns University in Taipei—are made of a fibrous Japanese fabric and filled with four varieties of Taiwanese tea (rose oolong, ruby black, jin yuan, and Oriental beauty). When submerged in water, the bags swell up into a nice, plump little fish. 

Unfortunately there's a bit of a catch (pun intended): Besides the possibility that you might think there's a dead fish in your drink, a box of just twelve tea bags (available on Amazon) clocks in at $80—a lot more than something you'd find at a pet store. And that high price tag is pretty hard to justify when there are so many other cute food stocking stuffers out there. Like all of these taco-themed goodies. 

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Tea bag goldfish

The ultimate tea lover gift for the drinker who has it all? Charm Villa's feverishly popular—and pricey—goldfish tea. Though Charm Villa, a creative agency based in Taipei, launched the limited production teabags two years ago, they're still as desired as ever (the company often sells out, so supply has been an ongoing issue) and they're now for sale in the U.S. Well, not officially, but via third party stores on Amazon, one can purchase a box of 12 teabags for $80 (as compared to $35 in Taiwan).

Fashioned from Japanese fabric and infused with Taiwanese tea leaves, the bags were designed by 28 university students from St. Johns University in Taipei. "There are 16 steps that go into making the teabag. Nine of those require manual, handicraft skill," a Charm Villa rep said via email. "As for the details of the production, those are trade secrets."

Since launch, the bags have racked up two prestigious design awards: the iF Design Award for Discipline Packaging and the Red Dot Communication Design Award a year earlier.

Photo by Clarissa Wei.

"The goldfish in Asian culture represents wealth and good fortune," the rep explained.

The bag swells up when it hits the water and a thread is attached to the mouth of the teabag so that when pulled, it looks like the fish is swimming.

As for the Taiwanese farm-sourced tea, four flavors are in circulation: rose oolong tea, ruby black, jin xuan oolong and oriental beauty. All of them have an interesting backstory. The rose oolong is sourced from organic rose petals from Nantou—a city in central Taiwan famous for their tea farms surrounded by bamboo forests. The ruby black is blended with black tea from Myamar and wild tea from Taiwan. The jin xuan oolong comes from Alishan—a mountain famous for its high-elevation oolong; and oriental beauty is a white-tipped oolong and picked entirely by hand.

Supplies are extremely limited. In other news, the company has plans to hold upcoming goldfish tea exhibitions in Kyoto, Milan, Paris and New York.

Goldfish Tea Bags Will Turn Your Teacup Into A Fishbowl 🔥

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