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Looking for desktop computers with great value? HP offers wide range of desktops to suit your home or office needs according to your budget and availability of space. With our HP Pavilion All-in-One desktop, your life is simplified with just a quick setup in a classic build that won't hog much space but still gives an impressive presentation. Some of our All-in-One PC comes with touchscreen functionality to further minimize the needs for keyboard and mice. For power and affordability, our HP Z tower and workstation pack some excellent processor, graphics and memory without a heavy price tag. If you want some portability, our Zbook is a high-end mobile workstation that allows you to move around without compromising the performance. And for the hardcore gamers out there, get an unbeatable competitive power in our HP Omen desktop, with overclocking control and optional liquid cooling availability, in a sleek and stylish body. Whether you're looking for an All-in-one, compact microtower, or superb well built machine, find one that suits your everyday needs here. Check out our desktops on sale.

Sours: https://www.hp.com/sg-en/shop/desktops.html

HP Business Outlet

Welcome to the HP Business Outlet, your complete source for quality, HP-certified refurbished computers.

Products purchased from the HP Business Outlet come with a standard HP one-year limited warranty and 10-day return policy, plus optional HP Care Packs.

What are refurbished products?

Refurbished HP products are clean, fully functional models that have been returned for a variety of reasons. A refurbished model could be a system that was returned because customer changed their mind, newer model took its place, a cancelled order, opened box, cosmetic blemish, or simply because the packaging was marred.

What you won't find is distressed equipment that has been in use over a long period of time.

How to order – it’s easy.

Step 1. View our price list (updated daily).

Step 2. Find a few models that fit your needs. It's best to have a few models in mind because many are one-of-a-kind and may be sold out. The list is refreshed daily.

Step 3. Send an email to a sales agent with your phone number to [email protected] and an agent will call you back (online purchasing in not available).
StoreHours: Monday –Friday (ET), 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Closed all major holidays.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

The HP Business Outlet can only ship to U.S. locations.

Sours: http://www.hp.com/sbso/buspurchase_refurbished.html
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CAN A $13,800 HP DESKTOP FROM 1999 BE USED IN 2017?!!

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