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    Junior Firefighter Program graphic for Program introduction

    Brighton Fire Company #5 is excited to introduce its new Junior Firefighter Program!  This program introduces youths 16 and 17 years old to the fire service, including an understanding of …

  • Masks, Masks and more Masks!!

    The outpouring of support over the last couple weeks has been unbelievable. We can’t thank everyone enough for their thoughts and well wishes. We’d like to personally thank residents Cathy, …

  • 2019 EMS Provider of the Year

    Hallnan and Tracey posing with FASNY's 2019 EMS Provider of the Year Award.

    Congratulations to our own Christopher Tracey!!  On Aug 11th, Christopher Tracey was awarded the 2019 EMS Provider of the Year at the 147th FASNY convention.  On the evening of July …


“Desire to serve, courage to act and the ability to perform since 1888.”

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The Fire District protects the City of Brighton, Town of Wattenberg, part of the City of Commerce City, and parts of the towns of Henderson and Lochbuie. In addition, our area includes large unincorporated areas of Adams and Weld counties. Our service area consists of 150 square miles protected from 5 fire stations.qlink

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Brighton Fire Departments & District

Brighton Fire District
Situated southeast of Rochester, NY, the Brighton Fire District is an area of approximately 20 square miles, about 80% of which is in the Town of Brighton and 20% in the Town of Pittsford. The base population of the District is approximately 35,000. Within the District is one of the most notorious highway crossings in the nation, the "Can of Worms". approximately 150,000 vehicle per day drive through that particular complex. That area plus other sections of Highways 490 and 590 provide the Department with significant experience in handling vehicle accidents.

The District, which was established in 1925, is managed by a Board of Fire Commissioners. The Fire District is responsible for the career staff and managed by a career Captain and four Career group Lieutenants. The District operates with a four group system in which there are six Firefighters, one Lieutenant, and one Public Safety Dispatcher assigned to each group. Staff are assigned as follows: Two Firefighters at Station Two, one at Station Three, and four at Station One. There are two shifts per day. The day shift runs from 7:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. while the Night shift runs from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.

For more information, visit the Brighton Fire Department Web Site.

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Fire dept brighton

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