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Therapeutic Shoes that Look Good

The therapeutic shoe brand we recommend most often to our patients in our Seattle foot clinic is Orthofeet. We have they offer all of the features of other therapeutic shoes at substantially less cost.

Orthofeet women’s shoes and Orthofeet men’s shoes offer extra room and excellent stability. This helps provide  pain relief for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, hammertoes, corns, Morton’s neuroma, and swollen feet and toes.

Extra Deep and Extra Padding

These are unique depth shoes that combine unsurpassed comfort with attractive styling. The shoes are designed by biomechanical engineers. Orthofeet shoes include all the comfort and protection features necessary to treat sensitive feet: extra depth, soft leather padded with foam, seamless breathable lining, ergonomic cushioning sole, orthotic friendly design, and many more.

Up to 5 Widths Available in Each Size

Some styles come in 5 widths, including XXWide (6E) and up to size Men’s 15.

Easy to Close Shoes

Orthofeet shoes are designed with revolutionary closures, such as the Tie-Less Lace and Slip-On closure systems.

Last but not least, Orthofeet shoes are available at a very competitive price. Use this link to see all of your Orthofeet choices:

Here are a few of the Orthofeet shoes available:

Women’s Shoes – All

Women’s Shoes – All

Men’s Shoes – All

Men’s Shoes – All

Sours: https://www.footankle.com/shoe-therapy/orthofeet-shoes/

What Is Orthofeet Brand Known For?

Orthofeet brand shoes are known to be the ultimate in biomechanical footwear. With over 35 years in the industry, this brand designs orthopedic and sports footwear, that has a patented biomechanical design that supports your feet and legs (calves, knees, hips, etc.) throughout all your daily activities.

Orthofeet brand footwear is designed to provide comfort and support for those who have foot discomfort. Orthofeet provides quality brands of shoes that allow all day comfort, wearability, and durability.

Is Orthofeet a good brand?

The Orthofeet brand name was created in 1984 by Ron and Michael Bar when they opened their first shoe store in Rochester, New York. Their 2 stores, Rochester Orthopedic Footwear and Syracuse Fromus Footwear featured a selection of quality name brand footwear.

With the introduction of the Orthofeet brand name, their focus began to change from just selling shoes to also offering a line of branded orthopedic and therapeutic shoes that would meet the health needs of their customers.

The Orthofeet is a shoe brand known for being comfortable, interchangeable, and having a stylish look. These shoes can be used in warm conditions for work, play, walking, running, sports, or any other activity requiring the use of shoes.

Below I have listed some of Orthofeet’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Orthofeet Sneakers Review

The following Orthofeet product has a good 69% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Eliminate foot pain and heel pain. This Orthofeet sneaker was created specifically to provide the best orthopedic shoe solution for plantar fasciitis, heel pain, foot pain, and neuropathy. These shoes are lightweight with superior cushioning. The design includes an ergonomic sole that cups the heel while supporting the arch and proper alignment of your foot.

Orthofeet Men’s sneakers are ideal for those who have flat feet, high arches, fallen arches and are seeking relief from Plantar Fasciitis pain, Heel Pain, Foot and Nerve problems.

They offer a proven solution to foot pain, heel pain, and additional support for your feet without the need for expensive custom orthotics as these shoes have a built-in Orthotic footbed…

Orthofeet Sneakers

Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief. Extended Widths. Best Orthopedic Walking Shoes Plantar Fasciitis Diabetic Men’s Sneakers Lava Black

Click image to view on Amazon

Orthofeet’s anatomic-based designs incorporate a natural rolling motion orthotic insole which includes a deep heel cup and ideal support for the ball of the foot to neutralize symptoms of pain in the arches, heels, and toes.

  • Form-fitting Orthofeet shoes have superior arch support, orthotic insoles, and a natural foot position that help keep your body aligned as nature intended.
  • The proven technology of our Platinum Performance plush orthotic insert with proven arch support, shock absorption, and metatarsal alignment feature really give you a pain-free step – all day long!
  • Orthofeet SUPER COMFORTABLE men’s casual shoes are designed to support the heel and foot to reduce pressure on nerves.
  • Helps eliminate and prevent heel pain, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, bunions, bunions, corns, calluses, and other foot ailments.
  • The shock-absorbing sole features a heel cup to help relieve tension on tendons caused by gravity.
  • High-density memory foam insole cushions each step.
  • Breathable materials wick moisture away from your feet.

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Orthofeet Casual Shoes Review

The following Orthofeet product has a good 69% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Orthofeet Casual Shoes, composed of 100% leather with a rubber sole, will be a good choice for you. They can meet the requirements of casual, or even semi-formal occasions. It is very breathable to reduce sweating and bacteria during your daily activities.

Orthofeet Casual Shoes use the latest scientific evidence and ergonomic design to correct foot problems at their source. These orthotic casual shoes are designed with summer comfort in mind as well as all-day fit.

The leather lining keeps you to enjoy the comfortable feeling when wearing it all day long. Play a role in your daily life effectively…

Orthofeet Casual Shoes

Orthofeet Proven Relief of Heel & Foot Pain. Extended Widths. Best Plantar Fasciitis, Orthopedic, Diabetic Men’s Oxford Shoes, Gramercy Black

Click image to view on Amazon

Our Orthofeet casual shoe styles offer you more versatility, comfort and style. Designed by experts, Orthofeet shoes are custom made to meet the biomechanical needs of those with foot pain conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, and Heel Spurs.

  • The unique therapeutic design of the shoe helps reduce the effects of plantar fasciitis and other common conditions that result in pain and discomfort in the foot, ankle, hip, and lower back.
  • The insole also provides enhanced arch support and improved stability for increased walking ease.
  • For any individual who experiences foot pain, discomfort, or who simply wants to improve their posture and overall mobility, these orthopedic-style casual shoes are the perfect fit.
  • The seamless construction of this shoe also makes it ideal for those with Rosacea and Eczema as there are no hard seams that can irritate fragile skin.

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Orthofeet Hunter Boots Review

The following Orthofeet product has a good 69% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

No more packing bulky arch supports into your suitcase. Orthofeet Hunter boots are perfect to wear with socks or without, completely covering your feet. High-top design is ideal to wear with thick winter socks, keeping your feet cozy! Soles offer support for plantar fasciitis and help reduce pain and swelling in arches.

Orthofeet Hunter Boots, an Orthofeet product, are the bestselling boots in America for Plantar Fasciitis, a foot pain condition especially for runners and hikers. These top of the line Hi-Top Orthopedic boots offer thick padded foam spacer insoles to relieve arch pain, heel pain, diabetic neuropathy and plantar fasciitis.

A must-have for traveling to the ski lodges or traveling long distances. Orthofeet plantar fasciitis shoes also give support to the arches and heal the feet from pain caused by plantar fasciitis, calluses, bunions, hammertoe, etc…

Orthofeet Hunter Boots

Orthofeet Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Arch Support Orthopedic Diabetic Arthritis Men's High Top Boots Hunter

Click image to view on Amazon

The Orthofeet Hunter boots for men are the optimal choice to ease foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis. They feature a wider toe box to allow your toes to be free and this is a key for creating space between the toes as it improves circulation which allows for accelerated healing.

  • The arch support can help prevent your foot from overpronating and the proper biomechanics of walking is aided by these plantar fasciitis boots.
  • If your feet hurt, you suffer. You’ve tried a million different things, and nothing is working. Now it’s time to try Orthofeet Hunter Boots.
  • They are unique, comfortable, and effective.
  • This insole can dramatically reduce the pain and can improve the quality of your walking.

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Orthofeet Slippers Review

The following Orthofeet product has an excellent 79% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Orthofeet Asheville men’s Slippers will make you say,”Ahh…there’s no place like home.” They’re the perfect balance of soft and strong leathers, anatomical arch support, non-binding relaxed fit, and maximum protection against pressure points. Give your feet the BEST!

Orthofeet leather slippers are the perfect shoes for putting on your feet while relaxing indoors. Handmade with suede using natural sheepskin fur as lining, these slippers embrace your feet in their natural curvature, providing a maximum level of comfort and health.

Orthofeet Men’s Leather Slippers are one of the best slippers that you will ever try. These slippers will convert you into a real fan. They are very comfortable. The Orthofeet slippers have been made out of rubber soles that prevent slipping and having an accident in the house.

Whether you are relaxing in your home or heading out for a quick errand, they allow you to get around the house easily. They come with a soft padded footbed that keeps your feet happy all day long…

Orthofeet Men’s Leather Slippers Asheville

Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain Relief Arch Support Orthopedic Men's Leather Slippers Asheville Brown

Click image to view on Amazon

They are ideal for driving around the house, hanging out outside, keeping the kitchen floors clean, or even going to the mailbox. They are precisely designed to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. You’ll love the way they make you feel!

  • Orthofeet slippers for men are a stylish way to combat foot pain.
  • These comfortable shoes offer anatomical support, non-binding relaxed fit, and maximum protection against pressure points.
  • To make them feel even more natural, Orthofeet slippers come with moisture-absorbing removable slipper socks.
  • These men’s slippers have a non-binding relaxed fit that contours to your feet, creating a custom fit that reduces pressure points while protecting your feet from injury.
  • The insoles of these men’s slippers also cradle your arches to offer anatomical arch support.
  • Whether you have a foot problem or just want to relax at home this is the right slipper for you.

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Orthofeet Mary Jane Shoes Review

The following Orthofeet product has an excellent 70% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Orthofeet Mary Jane shoes are a classic favorite for women. These casual shoes feature soft padded insoles with anatomical arch support and non-binding relaxed fit, providing comfort to meet your active lifestyle. The upper also provides maximum protection against pressure points and is breathable leather for comfort and durability.

The Orthofeet Springfield Mary Jane Shoe is a casual comfort slip-on mary jane style with an orthotic footbed and shock absorbing sole. This versatile shoe can be worn all day in the office, or can easily transition to a night out on the town.

The soft rubber toe piece protects against scuffing, while the anatomical arch support and non-slip sole ensure optimal support…

Orthofeet Mary Jane Shoes Springfield

Click image to view on Amazon

Orthofeet Springfield Mary Janes are perfect to wear with dresses, skirts, and capris. They feature anatomical arch support and can be worn all day long. These Mary Janes are made with quality construction for durability.

  • Feel the difference in every step with these Mary Jane women’s shoes from Orthofeet.
  • Designed to provide relief through key pressure points and accommodate orthotic insoles, these women’s shoes are an ideal choice for active feet.
  • The supportive footbeds work in conjunction with the cushioning sole to soften each step, while the anatomical arches ensure that they maintain proper alignment with your feet.
  • Orthofeet’s Mary Jane dress shoes for women provide superior comfort.
  • The roomy fit and soft sole leather enhance step-in comfort, while the anatomical arch support and heel cushioning protect against foot pain caused by high heels or long hours on your feet.
  • With Orthofeet’s commitment to clinically proven product design and innovation, you’ll be sure to find the right shoe to meet your style and orthotic needs.

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Orthofeet Women’s Sandals Review

The following Orthofeet product has a good 66% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

These therapeutic women’s sandals, Malibu, adjust to your feet! The Malibu sandals for women are comfortable sporty slides.  Made with Croslite, natural cork footbeds. The orthotic design allows for the contour of your feet allowing a more custom fit.

The Orthofeet Springfield Mary Jane Shoe is a casual comfort slip-on mary jane style with an orthotic footbed and shock absorbing sole. This versatile shoe can be worn all day in the office, or can easily transition to a night out on the town.

The Malibu Women’s Orthotic Sandal features a hard leather-covered SRC footbed and fast-dry polyurethane outsole. These quality sandals are designed to fit and flatter your feet, without sacrificing comfort, style, or durability…

Women’s Orthotic Sandals, Malibu

Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief. Extended Widths. Orthopedic Diabetic Arch Support Women's Orthotic Sandals, Malibu

Click image to view on Amazon

Lightweight yet strong, the Malibu is the perfect choice for women needing orthotic support. It offers dual adjustable hook-and-loop straps, suede-lined leather uppers, flexible arch and heel supports made of lightweight polyurethane memory foam, a leather footbed with antimicrobial treatment, and an EVA midsole to cushion every step.

  • The sandal that started it all. A true icon in American footwear, Malibu is a customer favorite.
  • The ultimate in comfort and support, the contoured straps hug your feet for a customized fit that you will love all day long.
  • Made with high-quality, authentic leather or our signature textural suede, this comfortable sandal also features a direct-injected sole designed to stand up to any adventure!
  • Malibu is the perfect sandal for summer days.
  • The open-toe style, adjustable buckles, and comfy memory foam footbed allow for easy on-and-off wear.
  • Malibu accommodates bunion correction inserts with ease!
  • The wide straps provide great support, while an integrated footbed adds cushioning for all-day comfort.
  • To top it off, our signature cup sole provides a soft and comfortable landing underfoot.

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Orthofeet Men’s Sandals Review

The following Orthofeet product has an excellent 76% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Orthofeet sandals feature a contoured design that hugs the natural shape of your foot. This helps more evenly distribute weight and reduces pressure points on vulnerable areas. Made from rocks exposed to extreme ultraviolet light, these men’s sandals provide lasting support and stability for active lifestyles.

From casual Friday to a night out on the town, let Orthofeet sandals be your company at the pool or the beach, in or out of the water. Their sandals are made of high quality materials and have been engineered to perform, making them the ultimate in comfort and durability.

The Orthofeet Sandal is the premium model of their orthotic sandals line. Orthofeet engineers designed these sandals to provide maximum performance without compromising comfort…

Orthofeet Diabetic Men’s Sandals Clearwater

Orthofeet Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief. Extended Widths. Arch Support Orthopedic Diabetic Men's Sandals Clearwater

Click image to view on Amazon

Orthofeet sandals are the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. With our classic sandal design, you can go anywhere and look great while you are on your feet all day. These sandals offer protection against plantar fasciitis with joint so that your feet will stay healthy and looking great for years to come.

  • The sandal is the ol’ standby of orthopedic footwear.
  • The open-shank design lets air circulate, and the smooth sole provides traction, whether you’re walking on a rocky beach or dining out in style.
  • With soft leather straps and foam lining, these sandals provide good support while offering plenty of wiggle room.
  • Orthofeet diabetic sandals offer great features for individuals with diabetes.
  • These sandals feature an adjustable velcro strap that has a patent-pending design which provides its user with easy in/out access to the shoe.
  • It is also lined with a soft breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and allows your feet to breathe.
  • The secure-grip bottom offers increased stability and support for those who have weak or arthritic ankles.
  • There is also a molded anti-microbial footbed for proper arch support which helps promote good foot health.

Click For Pricing Details

In summary, Orthofeet brand foot orthotics insoles systems increase shock absorption and comfort in all footwear, relieving the stress on your feet, legs and back. Orthofeet insole systems are made with three layers of patented nylon pressure-resistant material.

The bottom layer is a non-slip shock absorber that also cushions upon impact, and provides superior shock absorption. The middle layer prevents the top layer from bunching or loosening up over time. The top layer is created to conform to the shape of your feet for long-lasting comfort and support!

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Where are the Best Places to Shop Orthopedic Shoes Online?

There are lots of reasons to invest in a pair of orthopedic shoes. Many podiatrists or physical therapists recommend them if patients have any kind of foot, back, or leg pain that worsens when walking or moving around.

When you go into an orthopedic shoe store, you immediately have more options than a traditional shoe store. Associates will measure your foot using a Brannock device, which takes four separate measurements from each foot. Instead of just using the length from toes to heel, a Brannock device measures the length and width of the foot, the length of the arch, and the length of the toes. After you’ve been sized, you’ll be able to choose from a wider array of styles, as well as shoes that have extra width, more arch support, or stability for flat feet.

If you’re unable to go into a store for a fitting, you can still purchase orthopedic shoes online. These four online retailers make it really easy to find shoes that are right for your feet.


Orthofeet is so confident in all the online offerings that they offer both free shipping and free returns and exchanges on all their products. From boots to slippers, they offer a huge variety of every style imaginable, or you can browse shoes that are designed specifically for a variety of different conditions. Everything from bunions to neuropathy is accommodated. They also carry extra-wide styles and offer vegan leather options.

Orthofeet’s patented “Ortho-Cushion” system helps every shoe on their website feel comfortable while looking stylish. The Ortho-Cushion is a contoured insole with anatomical arch support. It also includes gel padding under the heel and air cushioning through the ergonomic sole.

Prices start around $79.95 for slippers and climb to around $135 for boots. Most of Orthofeet’s shoes, including pumps, sneakers, and dress shoes, cost between $129 and $135, which is reasonable for a well-designed orthopedic shoe. However, they only stock their own products, so if you’re looking for a specific brand, this isn’t the place to go.


The OrthoticShop considers itself a one-stop shop for all healthy footwear, including orthotic shoes, insoles, braces, splints, and socks. They carry products from dozens of popular brands, including Orthofeet, Softwalk, Aetrex Shoes, and Spenco insoles.

If you’re browsing for the first time, you can shop by brand or style. This is great if you already have a product in mind but may not be as helpful if you need recommendations before placing your order. Their website offers lots of options, but it isn’t as slick as the majority of eCommerce stores today, so it requires a bit of patience.

The OrthoticShop offers lots of different style options, but they differentiate themselves from their competition by also offering plenty of non-shoe options like braces, splints, and orthotic socks. You can also pick up medical devices like a cold therapy system to help you get relief from minor injuries.

Typically, the products on OrthoticShop’s website are on the cheaper end of the orthotic spectrum. In fact, they offer shoes for as little as $29.50. Plus, there’s a clearance section with the latest discounted items.


HappyFeet offers tons of different orthotic products that are designed to make life easier for people with foot, leg, and back issues. They stock their own brand of HappyFeet shoes, as well as products from Orthofeet.

In addition to their online retail store, they offer lots of information on different conditions, including plantar fasciitis corns and calluses, and poor circulation. At the end of each informative article, they offer recommendations for products that can help. This makes it a great option for beginners.

In addition to sorting products by condition, they also stock sports and specialty shoes for golfers, skiers, runners, and military members who need a bit of extra support.

One of their most popular products is they’re patented liquid Massaging Insoles, which can help increase circulation and provide relief from back, hip, and knee pain. These insoles are $44.99 and can be used in many different types of shoes. They also offer to massage HappyFeet Slippers, which are $69.99.

Overall, HappyFeet doesn’t have that many styles available, but once you purchase a pair, they make it easy to register for their free two-year warranty online. This is a great service that larger companies aren’t able to offer.


Instead of offering orthotic shoes, Protalus is known for its easy-to-use insoles. Add them to any pair of shoes and they’ll make them as comfortable as a custom-built orthopedic sneaker. They use their own patented cushioning system to build a slim insole that helps to increase the connection between the ankle and the rest of the body, using the kinetic chain which spans from foot to neck. Their insoles have been proven to improve the alignment of the ankle by 31 percent over generic insoles.

They sell a variety of insoles, which are designed to be used with different types of shoes. The T100 insoles replace the insoles that come inside regular shoes, while the H75 insoles are made to be used with heels of up to 2.5 inches in height. All their insoles are $99.95 per pair, which is pricey, but you can reduce the price by signing up for their subscription service, which brings the cost down by up to 50 percent.


If you regularly suffer from foot, leg, or back pain and think that your shoes are to blame, you may want to purchase a pair of orthopedic shoes.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars. In fact, a new pair of shoes or insoles purchased for less than $130 can immediately minimize your pain and improve the long-term health of your feet by offering more support than traditional shoe styles.

These four options are some of the best online orthopedic shoe retailers open today. They make shopping for orthopedics and orthotics easy and fun.

Sours: https://stuffanswered.com/where-are-the-best-places-to-shop-orthopedic-shoes-online/

Orthofeet Shoes 873 Women's Diabetic Sandals - Sand

Orthofeet Shoes 873 Women's Diabetic Sandals - Sand

The Orthofeet Naples 873 Diabetic Sandals for Women are a perfect choice for the hot summer months. These diabetic sandals have a leather and mesh upper with breathable cutouts that allow for greater air circulation. Other features include a seam free lining with extra foam padding for unsurpassed comfort and protection. The Orthofeet Naples diabetic sandals in sand are equipped with a bungee toggle lace system to secure the forefoot. An adjustable hook-and-loop heel strap and the Two-Way fastening system allow for easy adjustments on either side of these diabetic sandals. The Orthofeet Naples 873 is finished with a cushioning Ergonomic-Stride® outsole that absorbs shock and propels the foot forward while the anatomical last is built for extra width across the midfoot and toe box.

Orthofeet Shoes are designed by biomechanical engineers that have been developing innovative foot care products for more than 20 years. Their commitment to comfort, performance and styling has produced an attractive footwear line that is dedicated to an extraordinary wearing experience. The 873 Orthofeet Naples diabetic sandals have an orthotic insole with an anatomical arch support with a deep heel cup that is designed to relieve heel pain and foot discomfort. This orthotic insole can also be replaced with custom orthotics. Orthofeet Shoes have been proven to relieve painful foot conditions and accommodate common foot deformities like bunions and hammer toes.

*NOTE - It is recommended by the manufacturer to order a 1/2 size up compared to normal Orthofeet shoes.

Orthofeet Shoes 873 Diabetic Sandals Features:

  • Full grain leather and stretchable mesh upper
  • Seamless lining designed with extra foam padding for comfort and protection
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop heel strap helps to secure the foot
  • Advanced Two-Way fastening system allows for medial and lateral adjustability
  • Constructed on an anatomical last with extra width across the midfoot and toe box
  • Orthostep orthotic insole with an anatomical arch support and deep heel cup
  • Two removable footbed spacers (1/16" and 1/18") for added and double depth
  • Ergonomic-Stride™ sole cushioning and propels the foot forward
  • HCPCS A5550 Coded
Sours: https://diabeticshoeshub.com/orthofeet-shoes-873-womens-diabetic-sandals-sand

Stores orthofeet shoe


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Orthofeet Shoes - Advanced Closures

About OrthoFeet

OrthoFeet Shoes Review

OrthoFeet is an orthopedic footwear company that offers men and women comfort and pain relief for 17 different ailments. The brand is committed to both high-quality solutions and top-notch customer service in the hopes that getting help with their products is as easy as walking in them.

This OrthoFeet shoes review will take a look at some of their popular footwear, promotions, customer reviews, and more, so that you can decide if OrthoFeet is the solution for you.

Overview of OrthoFeet

OrthoFeet Shoes Review

OrthoFeet started producing orthopedic shoes in 2000 but brothers Ron and Michael Bar established OrthoFeet Inc. in New Jersey way back in 1984. The origins are more traumatic than your average shoe company: Ron had lost his leg in the Yom Kippur war of 1973, and was unimpressed with the hassle and inaccuracy of the casting process used for orthodics. Ron struggled with his lack of mobility and discomfort for years as a veteran. 

After receiving a doctorate in biomedical engineering, he and Michael, who has a master’s in mechanical engineering, teamed up to design insoles and foot orthodics that would mould to the patient’s foot. This would remove the need for the difficulties of the casting process and provide a more accurate and effective product.

16 years later, OrthoFeet took their experience with this patented technology and created a line of comfort orthopedic shoes. These are aimed to give fashionable comfort and support to people struggling with a range of issues:

  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Ball of foot pain/Metatarsalgia
  • Bunions
  • Diabetes
  • Flat feet
  • Foot pain
  • Hammer toes
  • Heel pain/spurs
  • Knee & hip pain
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Neuropathy
  • Overpronation
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Swollen feet/edema
  • Gout in foot

OrthoFeet Technology

OrthoFeet Shoes Review

So what is this orthodic tech? OrthoFeet’s line of comfort orthopedic shoes uses their patented Ortho-Cushion system. This features an orthodic insole made up of three layers. The top provides arch support with a malleable material that matches the anatomy of your foot.

The middle is a breathable layer that gives extra cushioning and the lower layer runs from the middle of the foot to the heel with a trampoline-like pad at the back to provide relief for heel pain. All this rests upon an ergonomic sole that rocks to absorb movements and support the foot.

Before we get into some bestsellers, here’s a quick look of key points in this OrthoFeet shoes review:


  • Positive customer reviews about their comfort and the shoes’ ability to relieve pain
  • Competitive prices
  • Shoes available for men and women in a range of types, widths, and sizes
  • Attractive stylish for an older demographic
  • Products are suited to a wide range of ailments
  • Developed with the input of doctors and biomedical engineers
  • Good shoe sales and promotions offered
  • Experts are available to help you find the right shoes for you
  • 60-day wear test, free returns and exchanges
  • Free shipping within the US
  • Available in a number of stores


  • Those leaving a negative OrthoFeet shoes review tend to have issues finding the right size
  • Only readily available in the US (Amazon will deliver elsewhere but that voids the free shipping and returns policy)
  • While there are a number of categories of shoes, some collections are limited
  • Styles are not particularly well suited for younger buyers

OrthoFeet makes socks, insoles, and shoes for both men and women in a variety of styles, designed to target specific leg and foot ailments. This OrthoFeet shoes review will focus on a selection of their more popular footwear across both the men’s and women’s collections. Let’s dive in:

OrthoFeet Men’s Shoes

Men shopping for OrthoFeet shoes can look through six collections: sneakers/athletic, casual, dress, boots, sandals, and slippers. The athletic and casual sections have the most options, with the others having just a few each. Most OrthoFeet shoes for men are available in suede or full grain leather, with blacks and browns being the common color choices.

OrthoFeet’s MO with their shoes is a lot of padding in the sole, padding in the heel, and really just padding everywhere. This feature is great for comfort and pain relief, but it does have the side effect of making the shoes look less streamlined. Some models look downright bulky. There’s a bit of a trade-off when it comes to comfort and aesthetics. 

Cambria Sandals

The Cambria Sandals, which also come in charcoal, are the closest OrthoFeet gets to regular sandals (the other options have more of a water shoe look to them). The Cambria is made from leather and uses OrthoFeet’s Ortho Cushion system, which is a constant. 

The leather straps on the Cambria Sandalshave a layer of cushioning on the bottom, combined with a stretching material to remove pressure points and increase comfort. They’re easy to put on and remove with a wide opening for your foot

These OrthoFeet sandals are great for walking around, doing errands, or going about your day when the weather’s hot and shoes just feel too constrained. The Cambria Sandals are priced at $119.95, which seems like a small price to pay for long-term relief. You can get this pair in medium (regular), wide, and extra wide. 

Tacoma Walking Shoes

The Tacoma was designed to be a seriously comfortable walking shoe, and reviewers indicate that they’re great for running, as well. In addition to the standard Ortho Cushion system, the synthetic shoe has a stretchable padded upper to reduce pressure on the foot from above.

You can pull off a substantial sole on an athletic shoe better compared to casual or dress types—even with all the padded support, the Tacoma has a sleek and contemporary look with the all-white sole and black mesh upper. 

The Tacoma walking shoe is only available in black and sells for $124.95, which is marginally lower than most orthopedic shoe brands. You can get these OrthoFeet shoes in medium (regular), wide, and extra wide.

Baton Rouge Boat Shoes

The Baton Rouge is one of OrthoFeet’s more modern designs, capitalizing on the consistently popular boat shoe. They’ve done fairly well with it, considering it has substantially more padding than the average boat shoe. The sand colour scheme blends the upper and sole parts of the leather shoe, so this extra padding is subtle.

These low-key Baton Rougeshoes are a nice casual option that maintains OrthoFeet’s comfort and support, while still maintaining the boat shoe design features (for the most part). The shoes are also available in a deeper brown with black accents, though this model calls more attention to the bulky heel. 

The price of $135.95 puts the Baton Rouge shoes in pretty much the same tier relative to other orthopedic casual shoe options. These boat shoes are available in medium (regular), wide, and extra wide.

Lincoln Center Dress Shoes

With such famous features as the Metropolitan Opera House and the David Geffen Hall, the Lincoln Center is the place to see live music and opera in New York City. It’s all about class and elegance, which is what OrthoFeet was going for with the Lincoln Center dress shoes.

The buckle and subtle shine of the leather offer sophistication to the Lincoln Center shoes. The sole is a little more rounded than dress shoes tend to be, and OrthoFeet’s wide toe boxes are most noticeable in the dress shoe category. But again, with comfort being such a priority, it’s natural that these shoes look a bit different.

The big question is could you wear the Lincoln Center to the Lincoln Center? Well, it’s a big place with lots to see. It will put demands on your feet that OrthoFeet’s comfort and relief can answer. The Lincoln Center puts the Ortho Cushion system into a buckled dress shoe selling for $135.95, available in medium (regular), wide, and extra wide.

OrthoFeet Women’s Shoes

OrthoFeet’s shoes for women are available in eight categories, offering more type variety compared to the men’s line. Their collections include sneakers/athletic, casual, dress, boots, sandals, heels/pumps, Mary Janes, and slippers.

The women’s collection also features the patented Ortho Cushioning system, with a mix of synthetic and leather models. The trade off of losing sleekness to gain padding still remains, but that’s a debate for you to have.

Verona Sandals

The Verona Sandals are OrthoFeet’s take on a comfortable walking sandal for women, with a feminine flare offered by the pewter metallic finish. This pair offers plenty of support with padding around the heel and in the upper resting on top of the cushioned sole. It’s designed primarily for function, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stylish for a walking sandal.

We envision the Verona Sandalsfor a summer stroll along the boardwalk or while touring a new city on your travels. Would the Verona sandal look out of place in Verona? Well, it’s decidedly not a European look, but it’ll keep you from experiencing a painful stride that would put a damper on your exploring.

Selling for $119.95, the Verona is decently priced for a good quality orthopedic sandal. It’s only available in pewter, but you have your choice of medium (regular), wide, and extra wide to choose the fit that’s best for you.

Joelle Walking Shoes

The Joelle has the look of a running shoe but it falls into both the athletic and casual categories, while it can benefit pain relief for long walks. It uses a strap instead of laces, available in black and silver—though the black is more versatile for outfit pairings, so this OrthoFeet shoes review will give it the edge.

As with the men’s category, the athletic shoes have the least problems combining style with the extra padding. It’s actually quite a modern shoe thanks to the mesh upper and synthetics. The Joelle walking shoe is decently priced at $124.95, and has an impressive width variety: you have the choice between medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large width. 

Emma 2” Heeled Boots

The Emma 2” heeled booties are as subtle as they come with their orthodic padding. They masquerade as typical low-rise boots with unseen comfort. Wedge heels are generally more comfortable compared to a slimmer heel, but these boots offer next level relief with OrthoFeet technology

These OrthoFeet boots are easy to slip on and off with the elastic and zipper sides, while the buckle is an attractive aesthetic feature. The black leather has a subtle shine and will only complement your outfit, rather than being the main feature. The Emma 2” booties have a synthetic inner layer that adds extra padding, paired with a comfortable wide toe box.

The Emma high heel booties are priced at $129.50, which is expected for orthopedic tech, combined with quality leather. These OrthoFeet boots are available in medium and wide.

Chelsea Slip-On Shoes

The Chelsea is a classic women’s dress shoe, for ladies who just aren’t into wearing heels—The padded leather strap offers more comfort at the expense of being a delicate shoe, but it offers an attractive middle ground. They’re charming yet understated, with the Ortho technology and foot support needed to dance the night away, attend a dinner party, or wear to the office.  

The Chelsea dress shoes also come in a glossy crocodile pattern, which makes more of a statement and infuses some edginess into the formal look. At $99.95, the price is definitely not exorbitant for a high-end leather dress shoe. These padded slip-on shoes come in medium, wide, extra wide, and extra extra wide.

OrthoFeet Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

OrthoFeet Review

Are OrthoFeet shoes good? That’s the main question of this OrthoFeet shoes review. Customers are positive about their effects: you can feel the relief coming through in many of them. Of course, shoes are a finicky area and there are some who find no benefit but, overall, there are a lot more both on OrthoFeet’s site and on Amazon who praise them highly.

The negatives more often focus on fit. OrthoFeet does have a handy note on each shoe as to whether you should order a size up or not, but many who leave a negative OrthoFeet shoes review seem to have struggled to find the right size. Another frequent complaint is that the toe-box, which OrthoFeet advertise as being wide, though reviewers state that it’s not quite wide enough. There is a 60-day wear test offered as well as free returns and exchanges so you do have the freedom to experiment.

As this OrthoFeet shoes review has mentioned frequently, there is a trade off in style for padding in a lot of the shoes. However, many customers are just so happy to be able to wear heels and dress shoes again that this is a secondary issue. Also, it’s really not the most serious issue in the world. They do a pretty good job, but there are other orthopedic shoe companies who also do a good job in this department.

Are OrthoFeet Shoes Worth It?

OrthoFeet Review

That’s the big question in this OrthoFeet shoes review. This footwear is designed to solve problems and they do a good job at that. Their usefulness then depends on your need to solve this problem. There are downsides but if the need is there, they’re worth a shot. Just be prepared for a little trial and error to find the right fit.

OrthoFeet Promotions & Discounts 

OrthoFeet Review

For this OrthoFeet shoes review, we hunted the website for deals. There is currently a 25% off Summer Sale that is automatically applied, so no need to enter an OrthoFeet promo code. Keep in mind this cannot be combined with another OrthoFeet discount code. 

Where to Buy OrthoFeet Shoes

OrthoFeet Review

OrthoFeet shoes are available atOrthoFeet.com as well as on Amazon. However, footwear ordered from Amazon is not eligible for free shipping, returns, or exchanges. OrthoFeet shoes are also available in a number of stores that you can find through their store locator on their site.


OrthoFeet Review

OrthoFeet Sizing

OrthoFeet offers shoes in women’s sizes 6-11 and men’s 7-14. Each shoe’s page has a note as to whether or not you should go up a size in that style. OrthoFeet shoes are available in one or more widths including medium, wide, extra wide, or extra extra wide. The shoes come with fitting spacers for the soles that can tighten the fit if need be.

OrthoFeet Shipping Policy 

OrthoFeet offers free ground shipping, returns, and exchanges on orders from their site to the United States except Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

OrthoFeet ships your order within 2 days out of New Jersey through Standard Delivery only, via USPS. Delivery times vary, depending on where the order is going.

International orders can be placed through a third-party seller, like Amazon; though keep in mind that the return policy is not valid with these orders.

OrthoFeet Return Policy

This OrthoFeet shoes review turned up a straightforward return process:

  1. Fill out the return/exchange form that comes with your order (if you lost it, don’t worry, you can find it online)
  2. Mark any items you wish to exchange on the form (there is a maximum of one exchange per style)
  3. Put the form in the package with the shoes
  4. Visit OrthoFeet.com/pages/return and input your order number into Merchant Information and your personal information to generate a prepaid shipping label
  5. Print your label and put it on the box
  6. Drop the box off at a Post Office

OrthoFeet say to give returns 7 days to show up on your bank balance and exchanges 15-21 to be processed and shipped.

Contact OrthoFeet

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this OrthoFeet shoes review, you can reach the company by:

Keep in mind that you can reach experts for help on finding the right shoes through any of these contact methods.

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