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BTS members have Awarded by TC Candler(The Independent Critics) for“The Most Handsome Faces” On The Earth more than any other Kpop Idols.

TC Candler(The Independence Critics) is the Organization that annually publishes a list of 100 MOST HANDSOMEFACES on Earth. The list is “the most internationally recognized and prestigious of its kind” according to the Official Website.

The 100 Most Handsome faces 2019

Every Year millions of Fans and People vote and nominate the new King and Queens of Beauty for the list.

More than Other Kpop Idols…

BTS members have been included in this category more than other KpopIdols. Despite only one (V), all Members of BTS had been included in the list of MostHandsome Faces by TC Candler.

BTS Members More Beautiful than other Kpop Idols

Here are all times when BTS members have appeared in the most prestigious list.

100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017 by TC Candler

BTS debuted in the list of100 Most Handsome Faces of 2016with its two BTS membersKim Taehyung (V)and Jeon Jungkook (JK). BTS V came in #60 followed by Jungkook #55.

BTS Jungkook the Most Handsome Face by TC Candler 2016

The Most Handsome Face by TC Candler 2016

100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017 by TC Candler

BTS V made a remarkable history by standing in the #1 position being the Most Handsome Face of 2017 from #60 just in a circle of the year. V proved that his aesthetics are perfect. He has top-notch facial features that even surgeons are stunned.

BTS V the Most Handsome of World 2017

Jungkook stood on #13.

Jungkook in Most Handsome Face by TC Candler

BTS Jimin made his Debute in 2017’s List by achieving the #64 position.

BTS Jimin debuted the list of Most Handsome TC Candler among kpop idols

100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018 by TC Candler…

An incredible change again came as all the seven BTS members include in the Most Handsome Faces List 2018 of the world. It was pleasing for the ARMY so much that they couldn’t hold their tears. Also, that happened for the first time that all members of the same band have appeared at once. This seems casual from the Record-Breaking Band of the world.

BTS J-Hope as the Most Handsome Men by TC Candler among kpop idols

RM in the list of Most Handsome Faces 2018 among kpop idols

IN 2018’s list, BTS J-Hope came in #88 followed by RM #79, Suga at #67, Kim Seok-jin at #47, Jimin at #25, BTS V at #5, and Jungkook at #2.

BTS Suga the Most Handsome Face by TC Candler 2018 among kpop idols

BTS Jin the World Wide Handsome

BTS Jimin Most Handsome 2018 by TC Candler

BTS V the Most Handsome Man among kpop idols

Jungkook  Cute Hansome face

TC Candler Most Beautiful Faces 2019…

For the 100 Most Handsome Men 2019BTS V was the first Kpop idol to be added to the list. In TC Candler’s 2019 list Four BTS members have been included.

 BTS JIN the Most Handsome Face

BTS Jimin in the Most Handsome Face list 2019 by TC Candler

At #44 here is worldwide handsome, Jimin at #19, V at #4, and Jungkook at #1.

BTS V the Most Handsome Face 2019

This time The Golden Maknae took the title of The MostHandsome Face on the Earth.

Jungkook The Most Handsome Face of 2019

TC Candler Most Beautiful Faces 2020…

Now again for the fourth time, four out of seven BTS member made into the list.

No # 39 is Jin’s position…

At number # 17 we have our Prince Jimin.

At 4th position, there is 2019’s winner, BTS Jungkook.

BTS V managed to get 2nd position in 2020’s most handsome man list.

But this is not enough. Early this year, V was entered into the Hall of Fame taking the title of Asian Heartthrob for the third time.


11 Times BTS’s Jin Truly Owned The Worldwide Handsome Title

If there is one thing every member of BTS agrees on, it’s that the group’s visual, Jin, is extremely good-looking. Calling him “worldwide handsome” is no exaggeration at all, and we can’t help but adore how Seokjin owns this title wherever he goes. He is beautiful inside and outside, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! It’s impossible to list all his iconic moments where he stole our hearts with his confidence, charisma, and kind heart, but let’s just look at a few of his most “Seokjin-like” moments!

Prepare your hearts and eyes — it won’t be easy to survive whatever Jin is putting us through!

“Car Door Guy”

There is no other way to start this list than mentioning one of Seokjin’s most memorable appearances on the Twitter trends. He went viral for his looks while getting out of a car at the 2015 Melon Music Awards, and everyone on social media started searching for the mysterious “Car Door Guy.” The name stuck with Seokjin, and the expression can even be found on Urban Dictionary!

The true dance king

Nothing looks better on people than hard work and confidence, and the way Seokjin’s dancing has improved since debut is just something we NEED to talk about. Looking at fancams of him leaves us in awe, as he just kills every choreography with sharp moves and powerful expressions! He deserves only respect and praise for his dancing, and ARMY is so proud of Jin for becoming a great addition to BTS’s dance line.

Every interview in the States ever

Nothing is better than seeing Seokjin all confident, killing his most iconic English line ever and calling himself worldwide handsome in every interview in America. Please never lose your shine, Jin!

When he sings “Epiphany”

Seokjin is so much more than just a handsome face. His angelic voice alone is enough to make everyone fall in love with him in no time! Every time he is performing his solo song “Epiphany,” the crowd falls just a bit deeper! It’s impossible not to become a Jin enthusiast after listening to and seeing “Epiphany” live in concert.

When his precious smile appears

Have you ever noticed that when Seokjin is smiling wide or laughing, he is closing his eyes at the same time? It is the absolute cutest thing on this planet, and you can just see how Jin is the softest, most precious little bub.

The third one from the left

The story of our worldwide handsome guy taking over the United States cannot be missed! When BTS first arrived at the BBMAs in 2017, there was a lot of buzz around the boys on social media. After the group’s attendance on the red carpet, everyone started to ask who the gorgeous guy was standing third from the left. It was none other than our own visual prince, Seokjin. When later asked about the phenomenon in an interview, he answered in true Seokjin manner: “I think I’m worldwide handsome.” Yes, Jin, you definitely are!

When his forehead is free

Jin’s forehead is just so powerful! There is just something about every performance and photo shoot where his bangs don’t cover his forehead. He looks just so damn graceful no matter what hair color he is currently rocking. The audience needs more of his forehead for sure!

Jin in pink

Where are my Jin in pink enthusiasts at? The boy just adores this color, and he is just slaying every pink outfit ever, whether it’s the softest shade or bright magenta. Not to mention that time he went all out and got his hair dyed pink for “Blood Sweat & Tears” promotions. Those were the times, and Seokjin stans will never let the memories of that glorious era die.

When he made Heechul flustered

It is one thing that Seokjin drives ARMY absolutely crazy with his charming looks, but he has the same effect on many other people, including Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. When BTS appeared on “Ask Us Anything,” Seokjin automatically winked at Heechul, and the man got so flustered he was close to blushing. Kim Seokjin’s power, ladies and gentlemen!

Every flying kiss ever

Seokjin’s flying kisses are well-known among fans, as he uses every opportunity to surprise us with a lovely and very energetic kiss. These flying kisses just hit differently for some reason, and we can never get enough of them! Jin, please never stop showing us your handsome features while throwing a kiss in our direction!

When he did the heart events for ARMY

Seokjin is handsome no matter what he does, but when he is full of energy and determined to surprise and show his love for every BTS fan, it’s just the most heartwarming thing ever and makes him glow even more. For their “Wings” tour, Jin prepared special heart events for different concerts, and with his adorable antics, he stole our hearts once and for all. Thank you, Jin, for always being your worldwide handsome self and never being afraid to show your love and affection towards ARMY!

ARMY! Which Seokjin moment took your breath away? Tell us in the comments below!

When she’s not studying or working, fanniberger spends her time obsessing over K-pop groups and drinking way too much bubble tea. Seokjin is her BTS bias and she will never get bored of his jokes and adorable antics. Say hi to her on Twitter and Instagram!

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BTS member Jeon Jung-Kook

Jeon Jung-Kook, a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, took first place on movie reviewer TC Candler's 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2019 list on Friday. Other members of BTS, Kim Tae-Hyung , Jimin and Jin, ranked in at No. 4, 19 and 44, respectively.

A total of Chinese celebrities - Xiao Zhan, Lay Zhang, Cai Xukun, Jackson Wang, Jing Boran, Wong Yuk Hei, Lu Han and Godfrey Gao - also made it onto the list. Xiao, who earned huge popularity for his role in the hit Chinese TV series The Untamed, came in No.6 - the highest rank among the eight male stars. 

In the video for the list, the picture of Gao, who came in No.84, turned to black and white to pay respect to the actor, who passed away on November 27 after collapsing while filming a sports entertainment show in Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang Province.

The list drove thousands of Chinese netizens wild, with many taking to social media to express their excitement.

"Congratulations to Jeon Jung-Kook for winning not only the most handsome face in Asia, but also worldwide. You deserve the championship," one Chinese BTS fan commented on Sina Weibo. 

"Our Xiao Zhan has good looks and also strong acting and singing ability. He is modest, positive, and hard-working. He is perfect," one netizen posted on Sina Weibo. 

Besides the most handsome faces of 2019, TC Candler also released the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2019 list on Friday. Members of the hit South Korean girl group Black Pink, Lisa, Jennie and Rose respectively ranked in at No.3, 19 and 66 on the list. 


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Handsome 2019 worldwide

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[방탄소년단/진] BTS Jin calling himself WOLRDWIDE HANDSOME (2017-2018.10)

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