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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The two world-renowned tenors met up over dinner here in Malta and ended up singing their own version of Bocelli and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ together… in perfect harmony of course.


Singing to Andrea's song with Andrea! What a great artist, and a pleasure to catch up with him during his filming in Malta for his next project! #andreabocelli #maltesetenor #MalteseCulturalAmbassador

Posted by Joseph Calleja on Thursday, November 19, 2020

As had revealed on Tuesday, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli paid a visit to Malta this week, in which he sang at various locations including the St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta.

The Tourism Ministry said that Bocelli’s three-day visit, in which he was accompanied by his wife Veronica and their daughter Virginia, was part of a project coordinated by the Malta Tourism Authority which would be launched in a few weeks’ time.

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The Fernandez de Cañedo Spain and Chifflet of France and Uru:Information about Dionisio Pedro Fernandez de Cañedo

Home Page |Surname List |Index of Individuals | |Sources

View Tree for Dionisio Pedro Fernandez de CañedoDionisio Pedro Fernandez de Cañedo (b. 08 Apr 1807, d. 04 Mar 1877)

Dionisio Pedro Fernandez de Cañedo (son of Santiago Fernandez de Cañedo and Maria Gomez de la Maza) was born 08 Apr 1807 in Astrana Concejo de San Martin, and died 04 Mar 1877 in Concejo de San Martin.He married Josefa Sainz de la Calleja y Zorrilla, daughter of Fernando Sainz de la Calleja and Manuela Andrea de La Lastra Zorrilla.
Children of Dionisio Pedro Fernandez de Cañedo and Josefa Sainz de la Calleja y Zorrilla are:
  1. +Baldomero Faustino Fernandez de Cañedo, b. 15 Feb 1829, HAZAS-Parroquia del Concejo de San Martin Valle de Soba, d. date unknown.
  2. Felipa Jacoba Fernandez de Cañedo, b. 03 May 1831, idem, d. date unknown.
  3. Juan ? de Cañedo, b., Asi aparece en defuncion de Josefa, d. date unknown.
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Carlos Calleja

Salvadoran businessman and politician

In this Spanish name, the first or paternal surname is Calleja and the second or maternal family name is Hakker.

Juan Carlos Calleja Hakker (born February 11, 1976) is a Salvadoran businessman and politician. He is currently vice president of Grupo Calleja,[1] owner of the largest supermarket chain (Super Selectos) in El Salvador—and former candidate for President of El Salvador for the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) for the presidential election of 2019.[2]


Calleja is the grandson of Daniel Calleja, a Spanish immigrant who entered the retail business in the 50s and founder of the brand Super Selectos, and son of Francisco Calleja, also a Spaniard by birth and promoter of the expansion and consolidation at the end of the year. of the 20th century of the brand as the main one in the field of supermarkets in El Salvador. In 2008, the Super Selectos chain led by the Callejas formed a strategic alliance with other Central American and Panamanian supermarket chains to develop a consolidated business strategy in view of the advance in the Walmart regional market. Carlos Calleja has been president of this alliance since 2010.

He has a degree in liberal arts from Middlebury College of Vermont (United States), where he graduated in 1999,[3] and also holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Stern School of Business (New York University) obtained in 2005 During his stay in the United States he was vice president of FreshDirect, an online grocery store specializing in home delivery of their products.

He served between 2013 and 2017 as a member of the Board of Directors of the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (Fusades), as well as belonging to the Organization of Young Presidents (YPO in English), El Salvador chapter since the year 2002. He is president since 2014 of the Calleja Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the construction of sustainable social development through investment in education, health and the environment.

He is married to Andrea Lima Guirola de Calleja.

Political career[edit]

Calleja has been affiliated with the conservative Alianza Republicana Nacionalista party (ARENA) since 2013, at which time his name was mentioned as presidential in several affiliate circles for the 2014 elections; although, in the end the candidate for said elections would be the then-mayor of San Salvador Norman Quijano, who was defeated by the candidate of the left-wing FMLN, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, in the disputed second round of elections.

He formalized his candidacy for the 2019 Salvadoran presidential election on November 10, 2017, when he registered with the National Electoral Commission of ARENA, and was elected on April 22, 2018 to represent the right-wing party after obtaining 60.8% of the votes cast for the 58,874 members who participated in the primary election, defeating the businessmen Javier Simán and Gustavo López Davidson.[4] This candidacy was ratified on June 23 during the Extraordinary General Assembly of the political institute. His running mate is Carmen Aída Lazo from the National Coalition Party (PCN). In the election held on 3 February 2019, Calleja won 31.7% of the popular vote, losing to former San Salvador Mayor Nayib Bukele of the GANA.



Article on 2020-11-19 11:20

World-famous tenors Andrea Bocelli and Joseph Calleja joined the forces of their powerful voices over dinner at the Maltese tenor’s Mellieħa home on ...

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De calleja andrea

Cuentos de Calleja

Colección Érase una vez... Biblioteca de Cuentos Maravillosos

Pasa el tiempo, pasan las modas, pero los cuentos de Calleja siempre permanecen. Divertidos, graciosos y aleccionadores, los cuentos de Calleja se leen de un tirón y sin que nos abandone una sonrisa.

El editor Saturnino Calleja publicó durante los primeros años del siglo XX un gran número de libros de cuentos que Colección Érase una vez... Biblioteca de Cuentos Maravillosos

Pasa el tiempo, pasan las modas, pero los cuentos de Calleja siempre permanecen. Divertidos, graciosos y aleccionadores, los cuentos de Calleja se leen de un tirón y sin que nos abandone una sonrisa.

El editor Saturnino Calleja publicó durante los primeros años del siglo XX un gran número de libros de cuentos que adquirieron una gran popularidad y se difundieron ampliamente por España y Latinoamérica. Estos cuentos eran anónimos y se inspiraban en los cuentos populares españoles y en clásicos universales como los relatos de las Mil y una Noches, los de los hermanos Grimm, Perrault, Andersen, etc. Pero Calleja sabía darles un toque muy personal, con un lenguaje castizo y unas ilustraciones de corte popular, muy de la época, que identificaba inmediatamente a los cuentos de su editorial. Pasados los años, los cuentos de Calleja siguen divirtiendo por su originalidad y su gracia.

Carmen Bravo-Villasante, la gran experta en literatura infantil y juvenil, hizo esta selección de seis cuentos de Calleja, muy representativa, por su diversidad y agudeza, de la obra del gran editor....more

Paperback, Biblioteca de Cuentos Maravillosos #92, 75 pages

Published 2001 by J.J. de Olañeta

La hora del café con Andrea de Calleja

Autonomy and indoctrination: Why we need an emotional condition for autonomous reasoning and reflective endorsement


:I argue that none of the main accounts of autonomy in the literature can explain the fact that people who undergo a certain subtle but powerful kind of indoctrination are not autonomous or self-governing in reflectively acquiring and endorsing the views, values, goals, and practical commitments that they are successfully indoctrinated to adopt. I suggest that, assuming there are historical conditions on autonomous reasoning and reflective endorsement, there is a condition that specifically concerns emotions: the person’s emotional state and dispositions, and her web of emotional dependencies. I explain what we know so far about the kind of indoctrination on which I focus, and I motivate the claim that people who are successfully indoctrinated in this way are not self-governed in reflectively acquiring and endorsing even the first views and values that they adopt as a result of indoctrination. I argue that this heteronomy is not explained by any of the accounts that postulate historical conditions on autonomy: neither by classical accounts such as Rousseau’s and Piaget’s, nor by so-called historical accounts in the contemporary literature, nor by relational accounts. I argue that an accurate account of autonomy must include an emotional condition on autonomous reasoning and reflective endorsement that goes beyond the emotional conditions postulated or implied by historical accounts, and I offer a tentative sketch of this condition.


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It was hot and wet inside and very a few months later, it is true, she was walking with two twin girls of about 5 years. We said hello and talked. It was not her husband, there was just a relationship, now they parted.

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