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Sours: https://www.musicstore.com/en_OT/EUR/AKAI-Professional-Force/art-SYN0006854-000

Akai Professional Force Music Production Performance System

Redefine your expectations. Force blurs the lines between contemporary music production solutions and next-generation DJ performance technology, setting the precedence for a new industry standard. Fusing clip-launching, step sequencing, sampling, synth engines and tactile touch screen control into a standalone, performance-driven device, Force combines must-have modern functionality with an work ow that harnesses your creativity for maximum expressive capability.

Multi-Touch Display The heart of your Force experience. Launch Clips, browse your sounds, edit MIDI data, manipulate samples, apply XYFX, sculpt synth sounds and much more all from Force’s 7-inch full capacitive multi-touch display.

Matrix Tactile control for creative flow. Trigger scenes/clips, step sequence, finger drum in MPC 16 Pad Mode and play note data with an expandable 8x8 matrix with radiant RGB backlighting.

Control Discover new ways to enhance your performance via 360-degree rotary encoders with OLED feedback – smart assignments and multiple modes provide immediate real-time access to all core controls or link to any assignable parameter for a truly experience. Capture and playback any changes with real-time FX automation.

Command Experience total control of your performance. Navigate your project, control clip/scene playback and access critical mix control (mute/solo/cue) right from the hardware with Force’s ergonomically-positioned controls.

Sours: https://www.gak.co.uk/en/akai-force-music-production-performance-system/923312
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Akai Force Standalone Music Production/DJ Performance System

The Akai Force is a standalone music production/DJ performance system that’s perfect for both music production and DJ performances thanks to the wide range of next-generation sound creation and manipulation tools. The Force combines an intuitive workflow with contemporary functionalities allowing you to take full control over your creativity. This fully standalone music production workstation blends step sequencing, sampling, clip launching, synthesiser engines, and a tactile touchscreen to give you all the tools needed for professional productions and performances.

7-inch full-colour Display

The 7-inch full-colour capacitive multi-touch display sits at the heart of the Force and allows you to launch clips, edit MIDI data, browse your sample collections, manipulate samples, apply XY effects, create synth patches, and so much more. A large 8x8 pad matrix features radiant RGB backlighting and gives you tactile control over triggering scenes and clips and can also be used as a step sequencer so you can easily lay down drum grooves. The pad matrix can also be used to finger drum when in MPC 16 pad mode or can be used just like a keyboard allowing you to play note data.

The ability to easily import your own stems, loops, and one-shots into the 8x8 pad matrix means you can easily trigger and loop your sounds. You can then tune and time-stretch your sounds further so you can seamlessly mash-up and remix your tracks on the fly; all content will automatically synchronise to the set master BPM meaning you’ll never miss a beat.

360-degree rotary controls

Enhance your performances with the eight 360-degree rotary controls which feature OLED feedback so you can clearly view how much you’re affecting a channel. The smart assignments and various modes ensure you’re getting real-time access to a wealth of core controls; alternatively, you can link the rotary controls to any assignable parameter providing you with a truly customisable experience. Using the rotary controls, you can quickly capture, playback, and alter real-time FX automation. Ergonomic transport controls let you easily navigate your project while mute, solo, and cue controls offer critical control over your mixes.

Intuitive workflow

The Force’s intuitive clip-based workflow lets you combine multiple modes with plug-in tracks, MPC-style drum tracks, audio tracks, key-group tracks, MIDI tracks, and CV tracks allowing you to define clip types. You can then sculpt your clips using the step sequencer, drum pad performances, and note data. Using the dedicated combo inputs you can capture your own audio, or load in and sequence samples from Force’s browser, or resample audio from another track within the Force.

All channels can be assigned to the Force’s crossfader; this means you can load full tracks, stems, or loops into the pad matrix and mix between them giving you an entirely unrestricted DJ experience. Take control over your effects using the XYFX built right into the touchscreen, the XY pad lets you apply filters, beat repeats, and countless other modulations in real-time directly to independent channels or selected grouped outputs.

In/output Connections

The rear of the Force features a range of in/outputs and includes two USB ports plus an SD port; this lets you import your own samples directly into the unit while a dedicated SATA drive bay allows you to expand upon the internal storage. An integrated audio interface allows you to capture your own audio with dual XLR/¼ -inch TRS combo inputs which include phantom power and are switchable to line or instrument levels.

Route your audio out to two stereo ¼ –inch outputs which are selectable within Force’s UI while a headphone output allows you to monitor and audition clips and scenes. You can also hook up your modular gear to the Force thanks to the four independent CV/Gate outputs as well as your external MIDI devices thanks to MIDI in/out/through ports.

Synchronise your projects

The Force can be connected to your wireless network so you can synchronise your projects with any Ableton Link compatible application or hardware device, this includes Akai’s iconic MPC series. Force comes with dual real-time time-stretching algorithms as well as automatic BPM detection giving you effortless synching of all the audio inside of your project to the selected master BPM. Prepare your mixes and performances with the dedicated cue assign controls and cue mixer for all audio assigned to outputs ¾ or via the cue/blend control on the headphone output.

Right out of the box the Akai Force comes loaded with 10GB+ of samples and sounds from industry-leading sound design companies such as SampleTools by CR2, MSX Audio, and Sample Magic. There are 248 drum kits, 16 demo projects, 2500+ loops, and 500+ patterns. The core library gives you direct access to some of the most wanted sounds allowing your inspiration and creativity to take control from the get-go.

Sours: https://www.thedjshop.co.uk/akai-force-standalone-music-production-dj-performance-system.html

The AKAI Professional Force is an incredibly powerful, all-in-one music production and performance station. It has everything you need to remix, mash-up, DJ and produce on the fly or in a studio environment without the need of a computer or laptop.

An Introduction to the Akai Force with Andy Mac

Versatile & Powerful

It'll easily form the backbone of any current performance setup or slot into your current system thanks to it's ability to connect to multiple systems with midi ins and outs, Ableton link to connect to the powerful Ableton DAW, CV gate compatability and audio ins and outs to warp and modify your audio tracks. The Force also features MIDI Multi which allows you to control MIDI tracks for up to 32 devices via USB. Hook up a USB MIDI hub and access your synths, modules, effects, and modules all from the Force.

Perform, Play or Record

The Force has been designed to provide inspiration on the fly or in the studio where you can capture and lay down your ideas. It works as a powerful accompanying tool when performing live allowing you to control your audio, midi or even use built in plugins to manipulate your sounds. It uses an intuitive clip-centric workflow where you can combine MPC-style drums, audio tracks, keygroup tracks, midi tracks, cv tracks and more to form your palette of sounds to work with.

With the 3.0.5 firmware update, you can now take advantage of Arrange mode which features full linear sequencer. You can create an arrangement against a linear timeline, record a clip performance or live input into a linear timeline, edit and arrange your song and much more. Additionally, take advantage of Macros, for layered parameter assignments, effects & automation. 

More than a sampler

You can easily break out of the sample-based workflow with the on-board synth engines made by AIR Music Technology.

  • Hype - Cover everything from hard-hitting plucks to sultry melodic leads with this preset and macro-based synth combining multiple synth engines (wavetable, FM, subtractive, sampling) and a giant preset library into a single easy-to-use package.
  • Tubesynth - Emulate the sound of classic vintage analogue poly-synths with an advanced analogue modelling algorithm, packaged with five integrated AIR effects.
  • Bassline - Access the sounds of a classic mono synth with variable oscillator waveshapes, sub/fifth oscillators, LPF & HPF options and four integrated AIR effects.
  • Electric - The ultimate in classic e-piano emulation with Pickup, Envelope, Bell and Noise parameter sections, five AIR effects and dozens of pre-sets to get you started.

Ableton Live Integration

If you want to use the Force with a DAW you can as it's pre-mapped to control Ableton Live via Ableton Link. You can swap back and forth between using the Force as a standalone and as an Ableton controller opening up new opportunities for your performance setup. Using can also import Ableton projects into the Force to work on them with a computer-free workflow.

Here's What Akai Say About New in FORCE 3.0.6 - Introducing DrumSynth

Don't settle for stock drum libraries, your drum sounds should be as unique as your production. With 3.0.6, FORCE arms the production community with a groundbreaking selection of 8 synth engines powering 9 incredible DrumSynth plugins. Packed with must-have contemporary sounds, and backed by powerful sound generators driven by all-new FM synthesis, analogue & physical modelling and sample based algorithms, every synthesised drum sound the modern producer should have at their disposal is here.

DrumSynth empowers FORCE users with powerful synthesis, incredible presets and precise sound design sculpting capabilities to develop their own unique sounds. Like all FORCE instruments, DrumSynth plugins harness the refined tactile touch user interface for an inspiring, easy-to-use workspace that accelerates workflow and puts the control you demand only a touch away!

The 8 engines include Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi-Hat, Crash, Ride, Tom and Percussion. Additionally, all the engines can be accessed in one multi mode instrument for a powerful combination program. Fuse this with built in sound effects including a transient shaper, tuning, EQ, compression, delay, reverb and more, and DrumSynth is poised to supercharge the FORCE workflow and elevate your creative process even higher.


  • Buttons - dedicated function buttons; red-, amber-, or green-backlit


  • 6.9”/176mm (diagonal)
  • 5.9” x 3.7”/150 x 93mm (width x height)
  • Full-colour LED-backlit display with touch interface


  • 2x XLR+1/4” (6.35mm) TRS inputs (Input 1/2)
  • 4x 1/4” (6.35mm) TRS outputs (2 stereo pairs)
  • 1x 1/4” (6.35mm) stereo headphone output
  • 1x 1/8” (3.5mm) MIDI input
  • 1x 1/8” (3.5mm) MIDI output
  • 1x 1/8” (3.5mm) MIDI thru port
  • 4x 1/8” (3.5mm) CV/Gate outputs
  • 1x Ethernet link port
  • 2x USB Type-A ports
  • 1x USB Type-B port
  • 1x SD card slot
  • 1x power adapter input 

Dimensions - 350 x 389 x 72.5mm 

Akai Professional Force Standalone Music Production DJ System Video Reviews

Sours: https://www.andertons.co.uk/live-pa/dj-equipment/akai-force

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AKAI - FORCE - Standalone Music Production/DJ Performance System

The Akai Force is designed to break boundaries between studio production and live performance. With 16GB of on board storage, you can import your stems, loops and one-shots into the Force and begin assigning them to the 8x8 clip matrix. You can then apply playback modes to loop, trigger, and remix your tracks. You can also time-stretch in real time without latency or digital artefacts impacting your samples.

If you don’t want to use your own samples, the Force comes with 10GB worth of signature Akai samples. Use the extensive factory kit library to create your own drum tracks, as well as the highly regarded Synth engines that are present in the MPC 2.3 series update. Use these in collaboration with your own tracks and stems and assign these tracks to the Force’s crossfader for the ultimate mashup. You won’t need to worry about timing either, as the Force will automatically sync to a master BPM, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Designed With Performers In Mind

Whether in the studio or on stage, there’s no reason you can’t excite your mixes and stems. Using the impressive new XYFX feature, you’re able to do this. Use the Force’s 7 inch multi-touch display and on-board XFYX controls to apply filters, modulations, beat repeat effects, plus a host of additional features in individual tracks or selected outputs on the go.

Take on venues with confidence. The Akai Force was designed with live performance in mind, either standalone as a performance centre, or, easily integrated into your current DJ set up. Link up to Ableton via a wireless network and sync your project with Ableton Link, which means it can also be linked with any of the existing Akai MPC series. In standalone mode, prepare with the Cue-Mix feature for the perfectly timed drop. Dedicated cue assign controls and a cue mixer are available for outputs 3/4, as well as the cue-blend control on the headphone out on the front of the unit, so you have all the control.

Have Total Control

The Akai Force allows you to feel confident in your set. Unlike making changes using conventional laptop and DJ setups, everything can be commanded from the front of the Force. The 7 inch full-colour multi-touch capacitive screen allows you to search through all your various parameters and assign them to hardware controls.

These can be assigned to any number of controls. The Force features Akai’s class leading RGB drum pads (backlit so they’re ready for the stage or moody studio lighting), as well as eight 360-degree rotary encoders, all with OLED screens so you can see the value and what has been assigned to each touch capacitive encoder. These allow you to improvise on the go with total reassurance.

Seamless Integration

With both producers and performers in mind, the Force is easy to use in any live or studio set-up. Much like the MPC range, the Force can be used as a sampler, just plug your synthesizer, drum machine, mixers, or instrument directly into the two Combi XLR/Jack inputs on the rear (with independent gain controls). Load the in-built Sampler and begin sampling and looping.

Have total control of your outputs as well with a combination of four ¼-inch jack outputs on the rear of the mixer. Assign individual tracks to either the left or right main outputs of the Force and trigger samples to each out independently, whilst having your main beat playing in stereo for total, hectic stereo immersion. With the second set of outputs, you’re able to mix your own monitors, feed another mixer, or ever feed into another DJ system to have a scratch system on the go. You also have an independent headphone input on the front of the unit, so you can easily swap your headphone mixes between live sets.

Versatile Connectivity

The Force is also filled with MIDI capability. With MIDI in/out/thru, you can send MIDI data to external synths, drum machines, or DJ controllers to trigger sounds during your set. You can also control sounds within the Force using the two USB’s on the rear panel by plugging in a bus powered MIDI controller. This will automatically route to your current session and allow you to play melodies and drum parts using a more traditional format instead of the pads. You can also link your modular gear. Much like the MPC X, the Force utilises 4 CV/Gate outputs to send MIDI data to external modules. You can also use the standard MIDI out to send data to any additional drum modules or synths.

16GB Onboard Storage

As well as the 16GB of on-board storage, there is also an SD card input on the front of the module. This will allow you to load your samples quickly, without the hassle of going to the back of the unit to plug in a USB. If you’d prefer to use a USB stick, the two USB ports can be used to load your beats, samples, and setlists. Ideal for a more permanent set up.

Features :

  • Standalone – no computer required 
  • 8x8 clip launch matrix with RGB LEDs 
  • 7" full color capacitive multitouch display 
  • Mic / instrument / line inputs, 4 outputs 
  • MIDI In / Out / Thru 
  • 4 configurable CV/Gate outputs 
  • Remix, mash-Up, DJ and produce with 6 Track types for complete audio / MIDI / CV sequencing and performance capability 
  • Performance Modes including 16-Pad Drums, Notes, Smart Scales, Chords & Progressions 
  • MPC Sample Editing 
  • Automatic BPM detection, real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting 
  • 8 touch-sensitive knobs with graphical OLED displays 
  • 4 powerful, fully-editable synth engines 
  • 16GB of on-board storage (over 10 gigs of sound content included) 
  • Full-Size SD card Slot & 2 USB 3.0 slots for thumb drives or MIDI controllers 
  • User-expandable 2.5" SATA drive connector (SSD or HDD)

Specifications :

  • Connectivity
  • 2 x XLR+1/4” (6.35mm) TRS inputs (Input 1/2)
  • 4 x 1/4” (6.35mm) TRS outputs (2 stereo pairs)
  • 1 x 1/4” (6.35mm) stereo headphone output
  • 1 x 1/8” (3.5mm) MIDI input
  • 1 x 1/8” (3.5mm) MIDI output
  • 1 x 1/8” (3.5mm) MIDI thru port
  • 4 x 1/8” (3.5mm) CV/Gate outputs
  • 1 x Ethernet link port
  • 2 x USB Type-A ports
  • 1 x USB Type-B port
  • 1 x SD card slot
  • 1 x power adapter input
  • Dimensions
  • Height: 72.5mm
  • Width: 350mm
  • Depth: 389mm
  • Weight: 3.87kg
Sours: https://www.global-audio-store.fr/en/14562-akai-force.html
Give It Up- Neon Vines (Live Looping with Akai Force, MPC X and Seaboard Block)

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